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Photo: Malin Arnesson

Conservation biology

Conservation biology addresses the prerequisites for protection and preservation of habitats and species.

Conservation biology can be defined as protection and management of habitat types and species with the overall goal to secure a rich biodiversity for the future. In Sweden, recreation in nature is also included.

To meet these goals, society requires knowledge about the habitats, their functions and the many species living. But also how these habitats and species change over time, which species are threatened and why as well as how the threats can be eliminated.

Within BioEnv, we study land ecosystems like forests and more open habitats as well as freshwater and marine ecosystems of many kinds. Studies are conducted on threatened and vulnerable populations of fish, reptiles, birds, seals, invertebrates and various plants.

Northern lapwing
Incubating Northern lapwing (Vanellus vanellus).
Photo: J. Augustin

Research topics

Under each heading, we have listed the researchers involved, with links to contact information and possible additional group or project pages.

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Research within conservation biology is primarily found under the main research area Evolutionary ecology & conservation biology, but there are also projects related to conservation within other areas.

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