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The phytotron at the Botanical building
The phytotron at the Botanical building
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Research resources at BioEnv

In Natrium there are impressive, shared research resources including animal facilities and aquarium system as well as a phytotron and a herbarium.

Animal facilities 

The animal department in Natrium is one of the few of its kind in Sweden and is used by both internal and external research groups. It is possible to keep several species of salt and freshwater fish as well as amphibians, reptiles and wild rodents in the facility. The research ranges over a wide field which includes terrestrial, limnic and marine environments.

The facility is approximately 600 square meters and contains, among other things:

  • Four separate recirculating aquarium systems (two freshwater and two saltwater systems) of approximately 12 cubic meters each. These are equipped with modern equipment for water purification with, among other things, pre-filters of water coming from different rooms of the facility, UV sterilization, protein skimmers, moving bed, bead and polishing filters and thermostatic water temperature control. All four systems have automatic, continuous monitoring of several number of water quality variables.
  • A number of different rooms for holding and experiments are linked to the four aquarium systems.
  • The animal facility also has a number of thermoconstant rooms where you can set the room temperature from +4°C to +30°C.
  • A GMO part for zebrafish husbandry and experiments.


The phytotron was started 2010 and includes ca 25 larger chambers where you may cultivate plants under very controlled conditions when it comes to e.g. temperature (even below zero), humidity, diurnal rhythms and light intensity. It is used by several groups in subjects like aerobiology, ecology, ecophysiology, systematics, marine ecology, cell biology and molecular biology. Most are located at the department but the phytotron may also be used by external users and companies.

Contact person:
Henrik Aronsson,
+46-31-786 4802