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Doctoral Studies

Do you want to do research in biology or environmental sciences? Then you should read more below.

What is included in a doctoral education?

Doctoral, or PhD., studies comprise 240 higher education credits, that is 4 years of full time studies. It ends with a doctoral degree (Doctor of philosophy, PhD). The actual research constitute three years (180 hec) while one year in total includes curses and literature etc. At the department, most PhD-students are also involved in teaching, at up to 20% of full time, so in reality the PhD-period is five years.

Although doctoral studies should be seen as a form of education, the setup differs a lot from our other courses and programs.  You will spend most of the time with practical and theoretical studies in a well defined research area. It gives you an opportunity to deepen your knowledge in theta subject, but perhaps more importantly, give you the tools to independently research questions and to critically analyse and evaluate the results.

Most of our PhD-students are part of a research group, and cooperation with other scientists and a fundamental part of the education.

Eligibility for PhD-studies

To be accepted as a PhD-student you must first apply for a doctoral position. There is no set date for these applications, but positions may advertised at any time of the year so you need to keep your eyes open. You find ads under Vacancies.

To e accepted you also need specialization within a relevant subject, and that you have fulfilled  course requirements equal to at least 240 higher education credits. You should also have finished a degree project at advanced level.

As a PhD-student at the department you are usually accepted within the main subject Natural science specialising in either biology or environmental sciences, or within Mathematics/Natural Sciences, specialising in Educational Sciences

You may read more about subjects and specialisations as well as rules and guidelines,  at the Faculty of science pages about doctoral studies.