University of Gothenburg

How to find a project?

There are many ways to find suitable projects and supervisors. If you want to get an overview of the ongoing research at the department, we suggest that you read more under each research subject. There you will find brief presentations of projects and research profiles, as well as contact information for potential supervisors.

Do you already have an idea of what you want to do and suggestions for a potential supervisor but want to learn more about the specific projects of an individual researcher or research group? Under Research groups and projects, we have gathered links to both internal and external project pages. Additionally, there are pages for each of our five main research areas.

At least once a year, summaries of current projects in both biology and environmental sciences are usually posted on the Student Portal.

If you need even more inspiration, we have compiled lists of previous theses within each course.

On the Student portal you find information regarding the degree courses, both program specific and more general information. On the general page there are also lists of current available projects.

Difficulties chosing subject and course?

To be allowed to start a thesis project, you must have applied for and been admitted to one of our degree project courses. You apply at There are courses with different focus and scope, at both the bachelor's and master's levels.

The direction you can choose for your thesis project depends on the program you are enrolled in and the specialization courses you have taken. On the program pages at the Student Portal, you can find more information about the specific courses available to you.

Note that prerequisites and procedures for the thesis project may vary between subject areas, so contact the study counsellors if you are unsure about your choices. Additionally, each thesis course has a course coordinator who can assist you in finding a supervisor and a project.