Antarctic Wedell seal
An Antarctic Wedell seal sun bath and scratches its hind flipper. But not for long, the endemic seal louse was collected and is along with a small blood sample analysed for studies aimed at understanding disease ecology in the wild.
Photo: K. Hårding

Population dynamics and epidemiology in natural populations

Research project

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We have three main research topics:
- Marine mammal population dynamics where we study how marine mammal populations are regulated by different factors such as, food limitation, density and anthropogenic contaminants.
- Theoretical biology and population dynamics of metapopulations
- Infectious disease ecology. We study how emerging diseases that can switch host species are regulated and maintained in multi host systems.

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Karin Hårding
Willian Silva
Tero Härkönen
Britt-Marie Bäcklin
Sara Persson
Mats Isaksson
Jean Pierre Desforges
Johan Jonasson
Bernt Wennberg


A general model for metapopulations

Emerging disease in harbour seals

Density dependent growth in harbour seals