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BioEnv is one of seven departments at the Faculty of Science. Everyday work is lead by the the prefect, supported by the proprefect, four vice prefects, head of administration and several permanent councils and working groups.


The head of department, deputy head of department, vice prefects and head of administration constitute the management group of the department. The group meets every second week.

Åsa Arrhenius

Head of department
PhD in Environmental Sciences

Mats Andersson

Deputy head of department and responsiblefor undergraduate studies/education
Docent in plant cell- and molecular biology

Karin Hårding

Vice prefect of department with responsibility for research
Docent in marine ecology

Kristina "Snuttan" Sundell

Vice prefect of department with responsibility for cooperation
Professor in zoophysiology

Angela Wulff

Vice prefect
Professor in marine ecology, marine botany

Anna Berggren

Head of administration

The head of administration supports the head and board of department.

Departmental boards and councils

The board of department is advisory to the head, and a forum for dialogues and discussions about the actions of the department. In addition, there are several working/advisory groups e.g., Educational council (UR), Advisory board for research (BABoR), Cooperation and outreach group and Examiner group.

Here we present members of the boards and councils as well as people with other departmental responsibilities

Åsa Arrhenius, prefekt

Catharina Olsson, representative for teachers/scientists
Henrik Sundh, representative for teachers/scientists
Håkan Pleijel, representative for teachers/scientists
Søren Faurby, representative for teachers/scientists
Henrik Nilsson, representative for teachers/scientists
Linnéa Wallgren, representative for administrators
Linda Svanberg, representative for technicians

PhD Students/First cycle students
Christina Jönander, PhD-student
Michaela Maurin, first cycle education

Union representatives has the right to attend and speak.


Mats Andersson
Vice prefect

Director of studies Biology

Luc Bussière
Chair Board of Biology and Molecular biology programs

Director of studies Pharmacy and coordinator for degree project courses

Catharina Olsson
Board of dispensing pharmacists

Director of studies Environmental sciences

Göran Wallin
Chair Board of Environmental sciences

Director of studies Education

Angela Wulff
Board of Educational studies

BioEnv Advisory Board for Research (BABoR)

Karin Hårding, vice prefect

Vice Chairman
Henrik Nilsson

Additional members:

Evolutionary biology and conservation biology
Karin Hårding
Mats Olsson

Systematics and biodiversity
Henrik Nilsson
Christine Bacon

Animal  physiology  
Erik Sandblom

Plant ecology, physiology  and environmental science
Annemieke Gärdenäs
Johan Uddling

Aquatic ecotoxicology
Thomas Backhaus

For PhD- students

This group is advisory to the management when it comes to strategic planning of cooperation and outreach activities. The group includes six persons and meet when needed but at least twice per semester.


Kristina "Snuttan" Sundell, vice prefect

Additional members

Erik Salmonson, communication officer and coordinator for cooperation and outreach
Catharina Olsson
Henrik Nilsson
Sven Toresson


Mats Olsson, director of studies for doctoral studies

Additional examiners for doctoral studies

Staffan Andersson
Michael Axelsson
Thomas Backhaus
Thrandur Björnson
Malin Celander
Ingela Dahllöf
Adrian Clarke
Charlotta Kvarnemo
Mari Källersjö
Bengt Oxelman
Håkan Pleijel
Kristina Sundell
Cornelia Spetea Wiklund
Angela Wulff
Henrik Aronsson

Oskar Gran
Niklas Warwas
Heléne Aronsson
Daniela Gomez Martinez

Work environment
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Environmental coordinators
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Roger Eriksson
Michael Axelsson

Michael Axelsson