University of Gothenburg
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Study here

At the department we teach students in mainly biology and environmental sciences. Most are enrolled in one of our Bachelor's or Master's program, but we a also give courses for pharmacy and teacher students.

The courses span from orientation courses that don't require any previous university studies, to courses at Bachelor's and Master's level as well as doctoral studies. Many courses are free standing courses that allow you to tailor your own education, or just take a course for fun, but we also offer educational programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.
All courses and programs have a strong connection to our research, and the teachers you meet are also active scientists.

Subjects and programs

We offer several programs both at the undergraduate (Bachelor's) and graduate (Master's) level. The programs consist of several courses, chosen to give you a good and solid education. Often you follow a predetermined study order but you may also pick and chose between our courses.

Undergraduate studies

Our Bachelor's programs run for three years, equal to 180 higher education credits. The department has the main responsibility for the Bachelor's programs in Biology and Environmental Sciences.

We also take part in the Bachelor's programs in Molecular biology, Pharmacy (receptarie-programmet) and Marine Science as well as several teacher's programs.

Our Bachelor's programs are in Swedish but some courses are given in English.

Graduate studies

Increase your competitiveness with a Master's degree! The department offers several challenging multi-disciplinary Master's programs, most of them open to international students. Our  programs are of high quality and are closely connected to our research. Studying science at the advanced level will improve your ability to think critically, manage scientific methods and communicate science. A Master’s degree is usually essential for an academic career.

The duration of the Master's programs is two years (120 hec). The programs are open to students with a Bachelors degree or the equivalent.

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The department offers a broad spectrum of courses in the fields of biology and environmental sciences.  Most advance courses are in English, but otherwise most are only given in Swedish.