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Courses at BioEnv

At the department we offer more than 100 courses in mainly biology and environmental sciences. Many of our courses are free standing, and even as a student in most of our programs you have a large freedom to pick courses on your own.

Courses at different levels

The department offers a broad spectrum of courses in the fields of biology and environmental sciences.

Undergraduate courses

This include courses (basic courses) that don't require previous university studies, as well as some continuation courses that require that you have finished at least some other courses at basic level. Some but not all are given in English.

Graduate courses

Courses at advanced level that require previous university studies, and may be included in a Master's degree. Almost all are given in English.

Degree project courses

A degree project is an independent project at the end of  a bachelor's and master's program. We offer several different degree project courses at either level with different specializations.

Orientation courses/evening courses

 Most of these are only given in Swedish.