University of Gothenburg

Thematic areas

The Faculty of Science's research is here presented through a number of thematic areas with a focus on global societal challenges. The aim is for the thematic areas to contribute to and stimulate collaboration within the academy and collaboration with the surrounding society.

A healthy, living planet

This thematic area is arranged around three scientifically and socially interlinked research pillars: climate change, chemical pollutants, and biodiversity loss. The area is based on an Earth system science approach to promote and develop novel, promising research areas within and between the pillars. 

Cultural heritage and sustainable development

This thematic area set to research the inter-related social, cultural, political and economic aspects of the making and remaking of cultural heritage as well as the ethical issues that underscore the relations of cultural heritage to issues of injustice, exploitation and oppression. 

Energy, Power and Matter for a Sustainable World

This thematic area takes a fundamental science approach towards a more sustainable world by focusing on the key societal challenge: sustainable energy production and power consumption. 

Molecular Life Science

Molecular Life Science seeks to understand how the biological macromolecules that control the behaviour of living cells function, and how to address problems when their dysfunction leads to disease.

Ocean Sciences

This Thematical area addresses the ocean's immediate sustainability challenges through a high-quality, multidisciplinary scientific basis for transformative management and governance, which is critical for protection and restoration and for future use to occur sustainably in harmony with nature's constraints.