University of Gothenburg

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Postal address
Box 466
405 30 Göteborg
Visiting address
Medicinaregatan 7 B, 413 90 Göteborg
Shipping address
Medicinaregatan 1 G, 413 90 Göteborg

Be a part of our excellent research standards and unique facilities. Join the PhD program at our faculty and discover our global scene of science. 

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Gisela Brändén
Phone: +46-708-113215

  • Vice Dean responsible of collaboration, innovation and international relations

Tanja Thompson 
Phone: +46-31-786 9886, +46-766-229886

  • Head of Public Relations

Marie Jensen 
Phone: +46-31-786 9851, +46-766-229851 

  • Coordinator

Göran Hilmersson
Phone: +46-31-786 9022
E -mail:

  • Dean of The Faculty of Science at Gothenburg University

Ingela Dahllöf
Phone: +46-031-786 9333

  • Pro-Dean of The Faculty of Science at Gothenburg University

This is the place to grow. Become an exchange student at our faculty and discover new science with us.

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Take part of our unique research facilities and competitive institutions. Cooperate with our researchers and gear up your research at our Faculty.

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