University of Gothenburg

Research Award

The Research Award is given for developing a research line that significantly contributes to novelty of the research at the Faculty of Science. The award holder will receive a diploma and a prize of 250.000 SEK for research.

Research Award 2023: Giovanni Volpe

Department of Physics

Motivation for the award:

"Giovanni Volpe is a world-leading researcher in the fields of microscopy and spectroscopy of living systems, artificial living matter and in machine-learning algorithms to analyse complex and biological systems. It’s in the latter area Giovanni realized an enormous untapped potential of these methods to be applied for the characterization of the broadest scope of living biological systems studied across the Faculty of Natural Sciences and other faculties of the University of Gothenburg. 

 He is also a highly regarded mentor and educator of the next generation of researchers, is active in shaping the policies of the graduate education at large and is active in communicating his research to the public as well as spinning it off commercially.

He inspires the people around him, always striving to lift his research environment to the highest international level."


Doctoral Thesis Award

This award is given for successful and novel research that has been presented in a well written thesis. The award holder will receive a diploma and a prize.

Doctoral Thesis Award 2023: Julia Kukulies

Department of Earth Sciences

Motivation for the award:

Julia Kukulies doctoral thesis represents a remarkable achievement, combining scientific excellence, originality, and comprehensive contribution to Earth System Science, where her work sheds light on precipitation processes in one of the world’s largest mountain regions, the Tibetan Plateau, providing crucial insights that extend beyond regional interest. The methodologies and scientific findings presented in the thesis have relevance and implications for the global science community working on regional climate changes.

The thesis is clearly written and effectively communicates the scientific challenges and advances. Julia demonstrates a commendable ability to synthesize and critically discuss the results, highlighting major challenges in the field of regional climate modeling. Additionally, Julia has made significant contributions to the development of climate data analysis methods, proposing a new framework for automatically tracking storm systems and associated precipitation in satellite observations and model output data.

The Pedagogical Award

The Faculty of Science’s Pedagogical Award is awarded annually to focus attention on good efforts within education. The award consists of a SEK 100.000 operational contribution.

After 2012 The Pedagogical Award transformed from being an Award for the entire university to be an Award at each Faculty.

Pedagogical Award 2023:  Maria Henje

Department of Conservation

Motivation for the award:

Maria Henje has been a fundamental force since the education in garden crafts was built up in Mariestad in the 1990s. In her teaching of composition and composition with a focus on perception and creative processes, she conveys a passion that infects both students and colleagues. Her teaching work was reinforced in the academic context that the education came to be part of from 2006 when the craft school became part of the University of Gothenburg. Since then, Maria has in a unique and innovative way further developed her teaching in drawing and artistic sketching methods as tools for interpretation and understanding of plants, cultural landscapes and buildings. Not least, her pedagogy is certified as unique, innovative and attractive, through the extremely popular summer course Botanical Illustration with around 1,000 applicants.

The Synergy Award

The Synergy Award recognises positive efforts within the Faculty of Science’s community outreach. The award is in the form of a SEK 250,000 grant to the recipient’s department for appreciated and successful community outreach efforts. The Faculty’s 2021 award will be presented on 2 December.

Synergy Award 2023: Maria Sundin

Department of  Physics

Motivation for the award:

Maria Sundin is an outstanding, inspiring and incredibly active spreader of knowledge. Since the mid-90s, thanks to her versatility, she has acted within a broad scientific arena and many collaboration activities. Through her dedicated work, she shares news and knowledge about current research with the public, and at the same time she inspires an increased interest in science and technology in general. Maria manages to both entertain and teach about science in various channels and has reached an incredible number of people, of all ages. Maria creates seamless interdisciplinary connections between astronomy and areas such as art, history, ethnology, music, sport, social sciences, and sustainable development. Through this, she not only engages and motivates people who already have a strong interest in science, but also those who are less scientifically versed. She is frequently hired by TV, radio, news and popular science media as an expert and inspiration. In addition, she gives talks to the public and in schools, at science centres, companies, and authorities.