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The Faculty of Science is one of eight faculties at the University of Gothenburg.

Steering Group


Göran Hilmersson, Professor in Organic Chemistry

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Ingela Dahllöf
Professor in Environmental Sciences. Responsible for third cycle education.

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Assistant Dean

Per Åberg
Professor at Depart­ment of Marine Sciences. Responsible for first and second cycle education.

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Assistant Dean

Rebecka Jörnsten
Professor at the Depart­ment of Math­ematical Sciences. Responsible for research and faculty-shared infrastructure.

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Assistant Dean

Gisela Brändén
Senior Lecturer Department of Chemistry & Molecular Biology.

Responsible for cooperation, internationalization and innovation.

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Head of Faculty Office

Gustav Bertilsson Uleberg

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The faculty's highest governing body is the Faculty Board.

The Board is responsible for strategic planning, overall management and quality assurance of education, research and cooperation. In addition, the Board provides a forum for discussion and coordination of the activities at the Faculty.

The Faculty Board comprises the following members:  

  • Göran Hilmersson, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology, Dean and Professor
  • Ingela Dahllöf, Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences, Pro-Dean and Professor
  • Katarina Abrahamsson, Department of Marine Sciences
  • Julia Morud Lekholm, Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Raimund Feifel, Department of Physics
  • Olle Häggström, Department of Mathematical Sciences
  • Jenny Johansson, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Johan Uddling Fredin, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences
  • Mark Peternell, Department of Earth Sciences
  • Ingegärd Eliasson, Department of Conservation

Student representatives:

  • Erica Wik, Student Representative
  • Neo Friberg, Student Representative
  • Emil Karlsson, PhD Student Representative

Union representatives with the right to attend and express their views:

  • Liv Friis, OFR-S
  • Ivar Armini, SACO
  • Lars Nordvall, SEKO


  • Anna Bäcklund

More information about the Faculty board on Staff Portal

The Dean's Council is advisory to the Dean. And it is a forum for discussion of matters concerning the faculty as a whole.

The Dean's Council is stipulated in the University's Rules of Procedure. 

Members of the Dean's Council are:

  • Heads of Department,
  • Head of Faculty Office 
  • A student representative.

The Pro-Dean and Assistant Deans will also participate, as well as the Head of Public Relations. The Dean is chairperson.

Deputy Head of Department participates in the Council when Head of the Department is unable to attend.

List of Heads of Department below.

The Head of Department (prefekt in Swedish) represents its department. Each institution also has a Deputy Head of Department (proprefekt in Swedish). The term of office is normally six years.

Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences

Head of Department: Åsa Arrhenius
+46 31-786 2625,  
Deputy Head of Department: Mats Andersson
+46 31-786 2688, 

Department of Chemistry and Molecular Biology

Head of Department: Marica Ericson
+46 31 786 9030,
Deputy Head of Department: Kristina Hedfalk
+46 31 786 3923,

Department of Conservation

Head of department: Anneli Palmsköld
+46 31 786 4709,
Deputy Head of department: Feras Hammami, 
031-786 5700, 

Department of Earth Sciences

Head of Department: Hans Linderholm
+46 31 786 2887,
Deputy Head of department: Heather Reese
+ 46 31 786 2803, 

Department of Marine Sciences

Head of Department: Stefan Hulth
+46 31 786 9024,
Deputy Head of Department: Jonathan Havenhand
+46 31 786 9682,

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Head of Department: Bernt Wennberg
+46 31 772 5326,
Deputy Head of Department: Marija Cvijovic
+46 31 772 5321,

Department of Physics

Head of Department: Måns Henningson
+46 31 786 9163, 
Deputy Head of Department: Ingvar Albinsson
+46 31 786 9121,

The Faculty Office of Science provides support to the faculty board, faculty management and the activities within departments and infrastructures. The mission of the office is to provide support for research, education and cooperation conducted within the Faculty of Science.. The office is a specialist function whose tasks include for example:

  • Planning
  • Follow-up
  • Support for committees and boards
  • Processing of matters and referrals
  • Administrative support
  • Internal and external communications
  • Cooperation
  • Internationalisation

Welcome to contact us!

Faculty Office of Science
PO Box 466
SE405 30 Göteborg
Delivery address: Medicinaregatan 1 G, 413 90 Göteborg 
Visiting address: Medicinaregatan 7 B, 413 90 Göteborg 

Head of faculty office and Administrative Director: Gustav Bertilsson Uleberg
Phone: +46 31 786 5250, +46 70 934 4400, 

Assistant Head of Faculty Office and Head of Public Relations: Tanja Thompsson
Phone: +46 31 786 9886, +46 76 622 9886,

Staff directory of the Faculty Office of Science

The Faculty Board has decided to establish an advisory board for the faculty. The external council shall provide advice and stimulate the development of the faculty's activities in order to strengthen the faculty's position and competitiveness in the future.

Members of the faculty's advisory board for the term of office 2021-10-01 - 2024-09-30:

  • Erik Blix
  • Beritte Christenson
  • Åsa Domeij
  • Jan-Martin Löwendahl
  • Torbjörn von Schantz