University of Gothenburg
Två forskarstudenter gör experiment i laboratorium
Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist

Doctoral Studies

Do you love to ask questions and are driven by finding answers? Do you have a master's degree in natural sciences, mathematics or conservation, but want to gain more in-depth knowledge? As a doctoral student at the Faculty of Science, you will develop your skills to independently formulate problems, critically examine research findings and work independently.

The research is usually carried out in groups. Your research may take you to exotic settings like Antarctica, the Amazon, the Pacific Ocean or our own Latnjajaure in northern Sweden. No matter where your interests lie, you are about to embark upon a fascinating and enriching experience that, in most cases, will end with a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree (240 higher education credits). A Ph.D. degree involves four years of full-time study; however, because the education usually includes some teaching duties, it often takes five years to earn a doctoral degree.