Photo of Prof. Maureen McKelvey and Prof. Rögnvaldur Saemunsson
Photo: Stijn van Weegberg

Workshop focusing on challenges and opportunities of new technologies

At the 12th annual Workshop on Medical Innovation (WOMI) scholars presented important research on a range of issues from public policy to health care governance to medical technology. Several papers focus on the challenges and opportunities of new technologies, including AI.

Researchers in the WOMI community focus their research on innovation, entrepreneurship, and organization, in the context of health care organisations, industries, and the wider fields of medicine and life sciences. WOMI’s annual workshops provides regular opportunities to exchange ideas and discuss current and emerging challenges. They also engage in dialogue with selected practitioners to strive to understand the societal relevance of their research, in different ways.

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Photo: Stijn van Weegberg

"The WOMI conference is a distinctive academic event that unites a diverse group of scholars who share an intellectual interest in understanding medical innovation. The collegial and friendly atmosphere provides exceptional opportunities to present research ideas at any stage of development and to benefit from incredibly constructive feedback." – Prof. Daniele Rotolo (Professor, SPRU, University of Sussex)

This year's Workshop on Medical Innovation took place 13 - 15 December in Reykjavik, Iceland, and was co-organized between the University of Iceland and the Gothenburg U-GOT KIES centre at the University of Gothenburg. Next year's workshop will be held in Manchester, England.

"WOMI has been going on for over 10 years, and we are very happy to host it next year at the Manchester Institute of Innovation Research in the Alliance Manchester Business School. We look forward to welcoming established scholars in medical innovation as well as young brilliant minds working together to advance the field." – Dr. Ronnie Ramlogan (Senior Lecturer at University of Manchester) & Dr. Dimitri Gagliardi (Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester)

Photo of Dr. Dimitri Gagliardi and Dr. Ronnie Ramlogan
Dr. Dimitri Gagliardi and Dr. Ronnie Ramlogan
Photo: Stijn van Weegberg

Paper presentations



Laurell, Johansson, Hidefjäll, and Barlow 

Value Co-creation and Institutional Logics for Business Model Innovation: A Longitudinal Case Study of Medical Technology Innovation in Healthcare 

Vie and Gulbrandsen 

Navigating Institutional Logics in the Introduction of New Clinical Methods in Norway's Specialist Healthcare System 

Rake and Zappa 

Team diversity and success in collaborative research: Empirical evidence from grant proposals in a research hospital 

Bodas Freitas and Oruganti 

Value Capture and Spillovers in Research-based Collaborations 

Rotolo, Natalicchio, Porter and Schoeneck 

Exploring the Emergence of Inter-organisational Networks in Emerging Technologies: The Case of Microneedles 

Testa Chiaromonte and Mina 

The Topology of Genome Research Networks 

Xu, Gagliardi and Ramlogan 

Innovation champions in the first-in-class drug innovation ecosystem 


Explaining Integrated Care Innovation: Highest to Lowest Hospital Readmission Rates among Older Persons by Professional Agency and Awareness-Farness-Fairness in Collaborative Capacity Building 


Bridging the Gap – Implementation of Research Evidence in Public Health 


The application of Artificial Intelligence in Open Science biomedical projects. The case of Covid-19 diagnosis using medical imaging 


Detection-driver AI devices’s first uses in radiology in France: can we talk about innovation? 

Gebel, Miozzo and Sosa 

Managing Complex Innovation through Knowledge Architects: The Application of Digital Twins for Drug Discovery 

Irgang, Gebel and Holmén 

Human-Machine Symbiosis: Managing Paradoxical Tensions in AI and Decision-Making in Healthcare 

Pelletier, Geuna and Souza 

AI and Robotics in Medical Research in Canada 

Organizers and support

2023 is the12th Annual Workshop on Medical Innovation and Healthcare (WOMI) and it was co-organized by Rögnvaldur Saemundsson, University of Iceland, Maureen McKelvey & Madeleine Englund, University of Gothenburg. The workshop was supported by University of Iceland, Swedish Research Council, Professor McKelvey’s Distinguished Professor Programme (VR DNR 2017-03360) ‘Knowledge-intensive Entrepreneurial Ecosystems’, and Gothenburg U-GOT KIES centre.

Photo of Prof. Maureen McKelvey and Prof. Rögnvaldur Saemunsson
Prof. Maureen McKelvey and Prof. Rögnvaldur Saemunsson
Photo: Stijn van Weegberg
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Our community is focused on debate and scholarship related to science, technology and innovation in medical sphere. For over a decade, we have organized small workshops across Europe to debate current topics in the economic and social aspects of medical innovation and meet across organizational boundaries. We study medical innovation in the context of healthcare organizations, medical devices, pharmaceutical industry and broader fields of medicine and life-sciences. See more at: