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Higher seminar in Economic History

Here is the schedule for the Higher seminar in Economic History during the academic year 24/25. Unless stated otherwise, the seminar takes place on Wednesdays between 12:00 and 13:00, in the conference room at floor 5 at Viktoriagatan 13.

Fall 2024  



28 August 

No seminar 

4 September        

Juan Pablo Julià and Markus Lampe  

5 September

Special seminar –  Prof. Daniel Raff  

11 September

Research plan presentation – Raisa María Rubio 
Commentator: Markus Lampe 

18 September

Research plan presentation – Bart van Holsteijn 
Commentator: Jeremy Land 

25 September

No seminar 

2 October

Research plan presentation – Giulia Martini 
Commentator: Margareta Espling 

9 October

Saska Heino
Was it really so high? Revisiting data and evidence on inequality in Finland, 1865–1959 

16 October

Juan Pablo Julià

23 October

No seminar 

1 November

6 November

Chris Absell and Stefania Galli 
Who Gained from the Decline of British Imperial Preference? 

13 November

Martina Hjertman  

20 November

Ola Bergström 
It takes change to remain the same: The transformation of Swedish government policy making in economic crises and the involvement of social partners 

27 November

Maika Absetz
Secured work or secured unemployment - The SAK economic experts' thoughts on the employment effects of unemployment benefits and relief work 

 4 December


11 December

No seminar 

18 December

Final Seminar - Bezawit Abebe 
Opponent: Tba 

Spring 2025 



15 January    

Research application session 

22 January

Research application session 

29 January

Research application session 

5 February


12 February


19 February


26 February


5 March


12 March


19 March 

Saska Heino
Self-sufficiency, wages in-kind and the limits of monetary concepts of inequality in history: The Nordics, c. 1865–1959 

26 March


2 April


9 April


30 April


7 May


14 May


21 May


28 May