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Developmental Psychology

The Gothenburg group for Research in Developmental psychology (GRID) studies individuals’ psychological development and living conditions across the lifespan. The social and societal contexts surrounding the individual (such as family, peers, school, work, sports, and digital contexts) are central to our research. Many of our studies are longitudinal and some follow the same individuals from infancy to adulthood.

Research group: The Gothenburg group for Research In Developmental psychology (GRID)

Our research

GRID aims to study central aspects of psychological development, with all the variation and complexity that it entails. Our research adds to the body of empirical and theoretical work within developmental psychology and addresses important societal issues.  Although much of our research has focused on youth development, we study development as processes of change and stability throughout the lifespan. Many of our projects have clinical relevance as they focus on challenges as well as promotive and protective factors in different phases of life. Some of our projects include intervention studies that are conducted in close collaboration with important stakeholders, such as schools and social services.

GRID often uses a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, and we use longitudinal designs to follow individuals over time. We study development and living conditions in everyday contexts, while taking the larger societal context into consideration. Topics that we study are for instance:

  • Identity, for example narrative and ethnic identity
  • Personality
  • Sexual development
  • Social relations, for example parenthood, bullying and sexual harassment
  • Body image
  • Physical activity
  • Psychosocial adjustment

You can find more detailed information about our research projects below, and you are welcome to contact us with any inquiries.

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