University of Gothenburg


The supervisor is the person who, guide the doctoral student through the doctoral education, both in terms of course´s and how to complete the thesis.

In our staff list you will find contact information and links to personal presentations 

  • Ask, Karl, professor
  • Berg, Anne-Ingeborg, docent
  • Berglund, Kristina, docent
  • Bergquist, Magnus, docent
  • Bohlin, Margareta, docent
  • Boström, Petra, docent
  • von Borgstede, Chris, docent
  • Buratti, Sandra, docent
  • Broberg, Malin, professor 
  • Fransson, Niklas, docent
  • Frisén, Ann, professor
  • Granhag, Pär-Anders, professor
  • Hansla, André, docent
  • Hassing, Linda, professor
  • Hedesström, Martin, docent
  • Hjelmquist, Erland professor
  • Holmqvist Gattario, Kristina, docent
  • Jacobsson, Christian, docent
  • Jakobsson Bergstad, Cecilia, docent
  • Johansson, Lars-Olof, professor
  • Landström, Sara, professor
  • Larsman, Pernilla, docent
  • Lindwall, Magnus, professor
  • Luke, Timothy, docent
  • Lunde, Carolina, docent
  • Lundgren, Jesper, docent
  • Lövdén, Martin, professor
  • Nilsson, Andreas, professor
  • Rapp Ricciardi, Max, docent
  • Skoog, Therese, professor
  • Strand, Jennifer, docent
  • Thomée, Sara, docent
  • Thorvaldsson, Valgeir, professor
  • Weineland, Sandra, docent
  • Winblad, Stefan, docent
  • Wängqvist, Maria, docent