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Health Psychology

Health issues are widely debated in today´s society. Alcohol and tobacco use, physical activity, health and work, diets, sexuality and stress are subjects being discussed extensively in both the scientific society as well as in popular culture.

The Department of Psychology hosts a group of researchers working with health psychological research and teaches health psychology.

A starting point on health psychology is the bio-psycho-social perspective where health can be understood as a result of physical, psychological and social factors.

Resarch in Health psychology

There are currently several ongoing research projects within the health psychology subject area, all with strong connections to current social issues. Research is being conducted in, for example:

  • Health psychological effects of physical activity
  • Motivation to healthy behaviour
  • Transition to retirement and health
  • Cognitive health of elderly
  • Youth perception of the body and health
  • Personality related to somatic health
  • How organizational and social work environment affect health
  • How risk habits of alcohol and and other substances can be prevented and changed
  • Experienced quality of life in patients in somatic health care


As researchers and lecturers we are interested in collboration on issues and questions reagrding the health psychological area, in research as well as in education. We already share collaborations with for example Region Västra Götaland, County Administrative Board , Sahlgrenska University Hospital, The Swedish Prison and Probation Service and FoU in West/GR.