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Psychology of Organization and Work, POW

The group conducts research mainly in the areas of work-related health, work groups and their development, organizations and their development, leadership, safety climate, and psychosocial work environment. The research is often conducted in interdisciplinary contexts, together with researchers from other institutions inside and outside the University of Gothenburg, and in close cooperation with working life.

Examples of ongoing research projects:

  • Developing functional leadership behaviors among managers in local government organizations.
    Purpose: to test the effects of executive coaching on the managerial behaviors of influencing others, consideration of others and goal orientation, as well as the influence of these behaviors on employees' psychosocial work environment and productivity. Project manager: Martin Grill

  • Constructing health. Intervention study for improved working environment in smaller companies in entrepreneurial chains in large construction projects. Purpose: to develop and test a methodology to achieve a well-functioning and continuous improvement in work environment. This is done in smaller construction companies within entrepreneurial chains in large construction projects. Project manager: Anders Pousette
  • Information security culture in practice.
    Purpose: to develop methods and IT-supported tools to measure and improve information security culture. Further, to develop knowledge of the factors that are important for employee understanding, decision making and behavior, which affect information security of organizations. Sub-project managers: Anders Pousette and Martin Grill

  • Safe leader: The development of leadership behaviors through socialization and operant leadership training.
    Purpose: to test the effects of managerial leadership training on managerial feedback behaviors, as well as the influence of leadership behaviors on employees' psychosocial work environment, safety behaviors and productivity. Project manager: Martin Grill.

  • Phubbing at work: A study on mobile phone behavior in social contexts at the workplace, and associations with social work environment, commitment, team effectiveness, safety climate, and recovery.
    Purpose: to explore mobile phone behavior, focusing on the phenomenon of prioritizing the phone over physically present persons, in traditional social situations in the workplace and to investigate whether mobile behavior is related to factors in the social working environment. Project manager: Sara Thomée

  • Employee-driven organizational change in health care, assisted by focusteams.Purpose: to evaluate the effects of organizing and conducting employee-driven change in which interdisciplinary focusteams acts as change agents. The aim is to improve work environment. Projectleader and Project Manager: Max Rapp Ricciardi


Research group leader: Anders Pousette

Assistant research group leaders: Pernilla Larsman and Sara Thomée



Karin Allard
leadership, organizational culture, gender, gender equality

Martin Grill
leadership, safety, behavior

Mattias Gunnarsson
health, motivation, personality

Christian Jacobsson
leadership, team development, work-related health

Pernilla Larsman
Psychosocial work environment, work-related stress, health

Anders Pousette
Safety and security climate, interventions, leadership

Max Rapp Ricciardi

Sara Thomée
Information and communication technology, work-related health, mental health

PhD students
Niké Henriksson

Per Martinsson

Niklas Rydbo
working environment, motivation, cooperation

Amanda Samuelsson
leadership, behavior, working environment

Johanna Widh