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Clinical Psychology

The research group CPPI consists of researchers and clinicians from the Department of Psychology. Our research focus are developmental pathways towards wellbeing or mental ill health from the perspectives of children, youths, adults, relatives, and professionals. We study the effects of preventive as well as therapeutic interventions, develop new methods, and use both quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Research group: Clinical Psychology, Prevention and Intervention from a Lifespan Perspective (CPPI)

Our research

A common denominator for the research conducted by the CPPI is a focus on living conditions, prevention and intervention aimed at promoting mental health in children, youth and adults. For instance, we investigate parent-child interaction as well as interaction between clients and professionals.


The majority of or research projects are carried out in cooperation with partners within child psychiatry, adult psychiatry, schools, maternal and child health care. The research involves participants such as children, youth, parents, clients and professionals.

Benefits of clinical research

There is a great need to explore the effectiveness of different interventions and treatments which are currently being used in health care. For example, treatment methods that have been developed and used in other countries need to be translated and evaluated in a Swedish context. Knowledge is also important in order to be able to develop new treatment methods or adapt already existing methods.

The impact of the research

Our research aims to improve living conditions and mental health in children, adolescents and adults. A large part of the findings is communicated and integrated in the work of to authorities and health care, but we also attach great importance to disseminating knowledge to the public by participating in conversation in the community.

Our projects

Op Koers - The Experience and Effect of a Digital Support Program for Adolescents with Chronic Illness and Their Parents



Associate professors 

  • Elin Alfredsson
    Attachment, parent support. Developmental psychopathology, mental health, prevention
  • Petra Boström
    Parent-child interaction, parenting, mental health, intellectual disability, method development
  • Anneli Goulding
    Severe mental illness, paranormal psychology, personality, person-centered care
  • Karin Grip 
    Attachment, parent support, interpersonal violence, mental health 
  • Johan Hagborg Melander
    Children and youth at risk, emotional neglect, trauma
  • Ole Hultmann
    Children, youth, trauma, interpersonal violance
  • Ann-Sophie Lindqvist Bagge
    Addiction, psychological treatment, somatic health, mental health
  • Jennifer Strand
    Severe mental health, attachment, mentalization, parenting, psychological perspectives on psychiatry
  • Lina Wirehag
    young carers, mental illness, treatment interventions


PhD Students


Courses and training

Many of us are lecturers and course leaders in courses in the psychologist program, the psychotherapist program, the doctoral program and in commissioned training for health care and social services.