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Illustration by Simon Capdevila

GoLD - The Gothenburg Longitudinal study of Development

Research project
Active research
Project period
1981 - ongoing
Project owner
Department of Psychology

Forte (several grants), Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (RBJ), Socialvetenskapliga Forskningsrådet (SFR) and Swedish research council (VR)

Short description

The GoLD study was initiated almost 40 years ago, and has since followed the same individuals from early childhood (1-2 years) to the transition to middle age (38-39 years). When the participants were younger, they were visited at home, at their day care center or family day care, and later in school. From early childhood to age 15, the parents of the participants also participated in the study.

Over the years, the GoLD study has focused on different aspects of stability and change in psychological development, and the focus has varied depending on age of the participants. Initially, the study involved questions concerning parenthood and the effect of different types of childcare as well as cognitive development, development of social competence and personality development.