Ann Frisén


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About Ann Frisén

Biography Ann Frisén (previously Ann Erling) is a Licensed Psychologist since 1995. She received her Ph.D. at the University of Gothenburg in 1999, the title of thesis was: ‘Psychological development in children of short stature’. She is a professor of psychology at the University of Gothenburg since 2009.

Teaching Ann has been teaching and coordinating courses among several of the educations given at the department. Her teaching has mainly concerned supervision of Ph.D.-students, developmental psychology and dissertation work within the psychologist program.

Research interests Ann’s primary research interests are in the area of developmental psychology, especially: identity, bullying and body image. Ann is the leader of the research group GRID (The Gothenburg group for Research In Developmental psychology).

Current research Some Ann’s research projects are: The Gothenburg Research Program on Ethnic Identity, Gothenburg Longitudinal study of Development (GoLD) and Bullying and School (MoS-Mobbning och Skola).