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The science of humankind

Psychology is the science of people's thoughts, feelings and behavior. Psychology is relevant to every aspect of society. At the Department of Psychology, we study and teach about human development, aging, working life, health, the environment, addiction, legal and criminal issues – and much more.

The content and teaching of our courses are research-based, and the majority of our teachers are active researchers within the content areas they teach. We strive to create an active, student-centered, and autonomous learning environment.

The master's programme in Psychological Science

Our master's programme is taught in English and open to both Swedish and international students with a Bachelor Degree in Psychology. The programme is designed to give you sustainable knowledge and skills that support life-long learning.

As a student of the programme, you will learn how to plan and execute research projects and incorporate broadly applicable skills, such as generating research hypotheses, critically reviewing and evaluating concepts and ideas, planning and organizing research projects, collaborating in science, and peer reviewing. You will actively engage in psychological science—not just read about it.

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Master's Programme in Psychological Science

Single subject courses in Psychology

We have a variety of single subject courses in psychology at the undergraduate and graduate level. Many of our students choose to take a degree with psychology as their major, while some choose to study psychology as part of, or a complement to, a degree with another major. Still others, who are already in professional life, study a course with us to develop their skills.

If you know Swedish, you can choose from all our individual courses. We also offer some individual courses in English for international students who come either as part of an exchange programme or as so called free-movers, or for Swedish students who want to study in English.

The Psychologist and the Psychotherapist Programmes

What is needed to practice clinical psychology differs in different countries. To work as a psychologist in Sweden, you must have passed the special Psychologist Programme and obtained a license. You may not work as a psychologist by taking a bachelor or master's exam in psychology. Our Psychologist Programme is a five years (300 HE) programme taught in Swedish.

Licensed psychologists, as well as licensed physicians and social workers who have concluded basic psychotherapy training, may apply to the Psychotherapist Programme (90 HE). This programmes is also taught in Swedish.

Doctoral Studies 

In Sweden, doctoral programmes comprise four years of full-time studies. You apply for a doctoral position and are then employed by the University during your four years of study.

The postgraduate programme represents the most advanced level of higher education (also called the third level). The postgraduate programme in psychology is to equip you with the knowledge and skills in psychology required for research and other qualified high-level positions in academia and research.

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Master’s Programme in Psychological Science – former students on what they do today