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Photo: Johan Wingborg


Here you can find vacancies at the University of Gothenburg that are related to the ocean. To apply for a position at the University, you will need to create an account in our recruitment system.

PhD student in Marine Sciences

The Department of Marine Science has one PhD position available to work on the new interdisciplinary research project funded by the research council FORMAS “Scaling up eelgrass restoration for coastal biodiversity: A framework for climate-adaptive management”.

Closing date: 2023-12-22  

Postdoctor in natural science, specializing in restoration/conservation biology

The Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences is looking for a postdoctor to a  project that will focus on the interaction between sea trout (Salmon trutta) and eelgrass (Zostera marina) in Swedish coastal environments, how the presence of eelgrass meadows affect young brown trout, and vice versa, how the brown trout as predator affect the eelgrass community. In the project you will collaborate both with salmonid and eelgrass experts.

Closing date: 2023-12-28