University of Gothenburg

French - research

Research is conducted within the main areas language learning and language teaching, linguistics, and literary studies.

We specialize in

  • learning of French as a foreign/third language
  • vocabulary learning and teaching
  • sociolinguistics
  • contrastive linguistics
  • discourse analysis
  • stylistics and rhetoric
  • 16th century literature
  • publication of older texts
  • 20th century literature
  • contemporary literature

We discuss our research at the French Research Seminar, to which national and international guest lecturers are also regularly invited.

The researchers also contribute to the following research areas at the Department:


Jacob Carlson, Senior lecturer

Britt-Marie Karlsson, Senior lecturer

Christina Lindqvist, Professor

Mårten Ramnäs, Senior lecturer

Andreas Romeborn, Senior lecturer

Ugo Ruiz, Senior lecturer

Katharina Vajta, Associate Professor

Doctoral students

Maria Forsman

Linnéa Koré

Mathilde Tiozzo

Cajsa Zerhouni