University of Gothenburg

Faculty of Humanities

Image of the building at Näckrosparken

The Faculty of Humanities is the place to explore humanity’s existential questions. Here, we teach and conduct research in languages, culture, history, literature and philosophy – all under the one roof in Humanisten in central Gothenburg.

The humanities offer a broad range of subject areas to choose from. What unites them all is their exploration of reality based on the footsteps that we humans leave after us: our languages, texts, music, opinions, ways of thinking, and how we view the world we live in.

When we zoom in on humanity’s place in the development of society, things like artificial intelligence, digitisation, cultural heritage, and communication emerge as obvious areas for study.

People with knowledge of languages, literature, history, and philosophy are the bearers of a heritage that gives historical depth and context to our lives. The crucial questions of tomorrow will be asked in the same way as they were asked in classical times: What is a human being? And where are we headed?