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Students talking in the park next to Humanisten
Photo: Gunnar Jönsson

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At the Faculty of Humanities you can study languages, history, and cultural studies. All under one roof at Nya Humanisten, an inspiring environment set in a beautiful location, right behind Götaplatsen.

Skills in the humanities are needed not just in traditional areas such as schools, museums and other cultural activities, but also in a wide variety of activities in our society today.

As a student in the Faculty of Humanities, your studies will be centred around Nya Humanisten, an inspiring environment located next to Näckrosdammen Pond, just behind Gothenburg’s most famous landmark, Götaplatsen. Central and secluded at the same time.

Around 9000 students study at the Faculty of Humanities, so you will be in good company. Welcome!

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Welcome to Humanisten

Study at the Faculty of Humanities

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Masters Programme in Gendering Practices
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Logic, Master's Programme – international and interdisciplinary
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Master in Language Technology