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University of Gothenburg

Department of Historical Studies


The Department of Historical Studies provides a meeting place for students and researchers interested in the subjects of Ancient History, Archaeology and History. Research conducted at the department focuses on human societies from the Paleolithic to the modern era. Departmental researchers include experts in both prehistorical and historical periods, such as the European Bronze Age, Ancient Greece and Rome, and the Nordic Middle Ages.

Other research expertise includes pre-industrial agricultural society, and modern social and political processes. A number of research projects centre on Sweden or the other Nordic countries, but several also encompass non-European areas, such as the Incas and the Mediterranean region in Antiquity.

The three subjects offer their own courses and degrees from the undergraduate to the PhD level. These subjects are also included in interdisciplinary education programmes. In addition, the department offers a programme for future history teachers.


Photo: Mikael Agaton/Pressbild

Bronze Age treasure found in Swedish forest 

The movie clip is  from an upcoming documentary about the Bronze Age on Sweden's west coast. In the clip, Johan Ling, professor of archeology at the University of Gothenburg and Johanna Lega, archaeologist at the Administration for Cultural Development in the Västra Götalands regionen, speak. You also see archaeologist Mats Hellgren and curator Madelene Skogbert. The movie clip is subtitled in english. just click on cc.
Photographer: Mikael Agaton

Video (1:25)
Video: Bronze Age treasure found in Swedish forest