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Alumner vid Poseidon
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Alumni at Humanisten

Welcome to the Alumni Network of the Faculty of Humanities! If you have taken courses or programs at the University of Gothenburg, you are warmly welcome to register in the alumni database. You do not need to have obtained a degree to register.

The alumni network exists to maintain connections between former students and the university, with the goal of finding new forms of collaboration and added value. Perhaps for further education, maybe for collaboration in various projects. The network is important for you

During your study period, connections are often formed with classmates and teachers that are important for the future. Through the alumni network, you can maintain and broaden your social and professional contacts. You can also stay updated on research, education, and competence development through newsletters. The key to the network is the alumni database, which is common for the entire university, regardless of what you have studied.

Learn more about alumni activities and how to register.

You are important to us

With the help of you as an alum, we can develop our education programs and strengthen the connection with the outside world. You are a crucial link to the professional world that can lead to thesis projects, internships, and study visits for current students. At the same time, you support us in recruiting new students when we learn more about your professional life. We couldn't ask for a better ambassador!

Together, all these opportunities are possibilities for you and your employer to establish connections. We hope you want to become a part of the alumni network at the University of Gothenburg!