University of Gothenburg
Vägg av mosaik inne på Humanisten
Photo: Jessica Oscarsson

New Decorative Wall Mosaic for the Inauguration

When the Faculty of Humanities was brought together in the same building, the Humanisten also got a new decorative wall mosaic. More than 13 m2 mosaic, a mosaic of mosaics in fact, now livens up a brick wall in the old part of Humanisten. “It lifts your spirits just to look at the mosaic, it has a positive effect,” says Saber Rezgar Alipanah, artistic director of the project.

In preparation for the planned inauguration of our new building Nya Humanisten, Mosaikfabriken, a suburban development and integration project, was commissioned to interpret the University of Gothenburg's vision. During the 2020 school sports holiday week, some 40 children and parents gathered at Blå stället in Angered to create mosaics to use to adorn the old building. Together with artistic director Saber Rezgar Alipanah and colleagues Hamid Ghamari and Masoud Yousti, the children were asked to interpret two themes: wildlife and nature, and knowledge and the future. The result was a number of A4-sized mosaic creations, ranging from depictions of foxes and trees to family portraits.

“Children are creative and don’t perceive any limitations on their creativity,” says Saber. “Today they are children, but soon they will be adults. Getting children involved in creating something like this makes them feel engaged and important in the community.”

The mosaic can be viewed at Renströmsgatan 6, level 3/entry level in corridor C.

Picture of Saber Rezgar Alipanah
Saber Rezgar Alipanah, artistic director of the project.
Photo: Jessica Oscarsson