University of Gothenburg

Our research

Research in the humanities covers a very broad range of topics. Humanities research commonly features the analysis, interpretation, and description of the world of human ideas and human lives, and how human experience is expressed – linguistically and culturally.

Research at the Faculty of Humanities stems from an interest in the phenomena and circumstances and the diversity of experience, that make us human. How and why these things change over time – linguistically, materially, and culturally – and the consequences of human thought and action on subsequent generations – are key aspects of our research.

In a democratic and prosperous society, reflection and analysis are as important as innovation and creativity in shaping novel ideas. Our research is conducted in the form of individual projects, large-scale interdisciplinary research environments, and everything in between. This enables novel combinations of research methods, for example in topical areas such as artificial intelligence and digitisation.

Working with the surrounding community, our research helps solve local, regional, and global social challenges.