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Find the expert in Human Geography

Are you looking for a person with specific expertise, please see the list below. If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact Kajsa Folmeus Strandberg, Communications Officer, for further information and guidance. Kajsa Folmeus Strandberg: +46(0)31-786 1454 or

Nature-Society Relations in a Landscape Perspective

Shelley Kotze, PhD student
Charlotta Capitao Patrao, PhD student
Marie Stenseke, Professor

Mobility, Communication and Transport Geography

Erik Elldér, Senior lecturer
Ana Gil Solá, Associate senior lecturer
Ellen Lagrell, PhD student
Anders Larsson, Senior lecturer
Jerry Olsson, Senior lecturer
Eva Thulin, Professor
Evangelos Vafeiadis, PhD student
Bertil Vilhelmson, Professor

Development Geography

Robin Biddulph, Researcher
Margareta Espling, Senior lecturer
Kanchana N Ruwanpura, Professor
Sara Falkensjö, PhD student
Jonas Lindberg, Senior lecturer
José Neves, PhD student


Kristina Lindström, Senior lecturer