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Acute and Critical Care Team - ACCT

Research group

Short description

The Acute and Critical Care Team (ACCT) has the vision to improve the quality and safety of nursing care for patients requiring hospitalization, across the continuum from pre-hospital to their return to the community. In order achieve this, we conduct clinically relevant, high quality nursing research. Activities we undertake as part of this research include: writing for publication, grant writing retreats, and both clinical research and knowledge translation activities in order to promote evidence based practice.

Ongoing studies in this field focus on safety, patient participation, experiences in patients of all ages and on person-centered care.

Examples of projects

  • Opiod-free anaesthesia and post-operative care
  • Prevention of pressure ulcers
  • Safe monitoring with google glasses during anaesthestic
  • Weaning patients from mechanical ventilation
  • DIAC Drama in acute and Critical Care
  • PPPSA Patient Participation in Patients Safety Activities
  • Safe hands and theatre care
  • Simulation research 
  • Patient safety within radiography

In addition, knowledge of complementary methods in emergency care is being developed. Further studies in health economics, leadership and organizational changes in the field are also ongoing.

Studies are also planned for implementation research and transport of patients in emergency care. Our research is conducted in close collaboration with Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

The activities we carry out as part of this research include writing scientific articles for international publication, retreats for writing research applications, and clinical research and transferring scientific knowledge to promote evidence-based care.


Research group leaders
Mona Ringdal
Axel Wolf

Professors, associate professors, researchers
Angela Bång
May Bazzi
Carl-Johan Cederwall
Sofia Erestam
Annette Erichsen 
Anne Flodén
Pether Jildenstål
Lotta Johansson
Maud Lunden
Mirjana Kustrimovic
Monica Kelvered
Lena Oxelmark
Sepideh Olausson
Marie Engwall

PhD candidates
Per Enlöf 
Maria Frödin 
Karin Grankvist 
Johan Nilsson
Daniel W. Norbeck 
Alexander Olausson
Agneta Wallin 

Visiting professor
Brigid Gillespie

Meetings and seminars

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Systematic review with meta analysis 2020, Brigid Gillespie

Presentation Brigid Gillespie, December 2020

Systematic review and meta analysis 2020 (PDF)