University of Gothenburg
Studenter som tränar livräddning
Photo: Göteborgs universitet

Drama in Intensive and Acute Care (DIAC)

This project is a cooperation between Griffith University in Australia and Gothenburg University. The desired outcome is for the teaching teams to further enhance innovative and effective teaching approaches and curriculum development on all levels of tertiary education.

Although the project is carried out in educational institutions, it is also closely connected with clinical environments. Nursing education at post graduate level at both institutions is deeply involved with clinical environments and all graduates will eventually apply what they learn in clinical settings. The project will therefore not only benefit the postgraduate training and education of nursing students at the Institutions, the desired impact is also for the project to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes in acute and critical care settings.
The aim of the DIAC project is to improve nursing education on post graduate level, using drama as an important learning medium. The focus is on teamwork, communication and conflict management in acute and critical care in Australia and in Sweden.
The project comprises drama workshops, filming of scenarios for teaching material, questionnaires and interviews.