Provtagning av luften i samband med en höftprotesoperation
Photo: Guillaume Piron

The Safe Hands research group: Patient Safety and Infection Prevention in Surgery

Research project

Short description

The Safe Hands group focuses on research in areas related to patient safety, teamwork and infection prevention in connection with surgery. A large part of our studies aim to improve the safety and health of frail patients undergoing hip fracture surgery by minimizing the risk of medical injuries such as postoperative wound infections, catheter-related urinary tract infections and extended bladder. We develop and test various integrated knowledge transition strategies in order to contribute to new knowledge in the field of implementation science and create lasting improvements in the field of infection prevention.

Research in the implementation field is based on theories about organizational culture, leadership, learning and change. In partnership and dialogue with clinicians and patients, we strive to create new and innovative ways to prevent infections and improve patient safety.

sampling of air in OR
Sampling of the air in connection with a hip prosthesis operation where we examine the relationship between doorways, number of people in the hall and the degree of bacteria in the air (CFU / m3)
Photo: Annette Erichsen Andersson


Annette Erichsen
Ewa Wikström, 
Brigid Gillespie 
Jón Karlsson
Bengt Nellgård
Hanna Gyllensten
Linda Åhlström
Sofia Erestam
Maria Frödin 
Karin Grankvist 
Cecilia Rogmark, Department of Orthopedics, Skane University Hospital 

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The impact of prosthetic joint infection on orthopaedic surgeons