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University of Gothenburg
Forskare kör en liten båt på havet.
Photo: Johan Wingborg

Our Doctoral Studies Environment

As a doctoral student at the Department for Marine Sciences you will be a part of the Natural Sciences environment at the University of Gothenburg. The Department for Marine Sciences has Doctoral Studies in the subjects Marine Biology, Marine Chemistry, Marine Geology, Preservation of Marine Cultural Heritage, and Oceanography, where each subjects has its own network.

Marine Colloquium

The Marine Colloquium run seminars and newsletters that bring together research and researchers at the Department. Doctoral Students are a part of this community and are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the seminars, which can be a great opportunity to meet international experts in marine science.  

Marine Infrastructure

The stations at Kristineberg and on Tjärnö are two of Europe’s most modern marine laboratories, with unique possibilities to conduct advanced experimental work. The research stations have a large number of laboratories supplied with water from the surface and sea bottom drawn directly from the Gullmar fjord respectively the Koster fjord. In many of them, both air and water temperatures can be controlled along with light levels.

Outdoor experimental facilities consist of a greenhouse and installations for what is known as open-tank experimentation ("ecotrons") with access to a through-flowing supply of both surface and deep water from the fjords.

Both stations have access to minor research vessels and smaller boats.

The large research vessel Skagerak, length 38 metres, is fully equipped for marine research and education in water depth down to 1000 metres. Maximal endurance at sea is 14 days. During longer expeditions Skagerak can take 10 scientists/students, with a crew of 6.

PhD courses in FUBAS

The PhD courses from our department are included in the whole supply of PhD courses from the Faculty of Science.

In the database FUBAS you can find PhD courses within the Unviersity of Gothenburg. In the database you can search courses by department and faculty.

Link to FUBAS.


For more information regarding our doctoral studies in marine sciences, please contact professor Helle Ploug.