University of Gothenburg
Student takes notes
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Workshops at Campus Steneby

Steneby is located in Dals Långed and has workshops for metal, furniture design and textiles. We encourage you to work with experimental techniques and materials. HDK-Valand’s workshops are run by experienced technicians who can give you support and advice in your work.

Metal workshop

In the workshop of 1200 square meters there are machines and equipment to enable you to work with different metals in larger formats. A selection of our machinery is forging hammers, drill press, vertical and horizontal band saws, lathes, mill, hydraulic shears, press brakes, plate roller, shrink/stretch, plasma cutters, English wheel, variety of welding methods, belt sanders etc.

Textile workshops

We have workshops for weaving, knitting, printing, a machine workshop focused on sewing and a color lab for dyeing. A pleating machine, embroidery machine, smocking machine, a wet workshop for experimental work and project rooms that can be booked. For each workshop there is a supply of materials where the students can purchase fabric, yarn or paint. Each student has their own workplace.

Wood workshop for furniture design

Our equipment includes miter saw, split saw, planer, band saws, adjustment saw, column drills, core drill, long hole drill, table routers, tenon & slotting machine, router, sinker, veneer saw, veneer press, wide band plasterer, spider plasterer, vertical band plasterer, long band plasterer, disc plasterer, marquetry saw, timber dryer, lathes, laser cutters and various hand machines.