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Kristinelundsgatan, utsidan av byggnaden
Photo: Natalie Greppi

Workshops and study environment on Kristinelundsgatan

In the building on Kristinelundsgatan we have well-equipped workshops for image, metal, wood, ceramics, jewellery, textile and many more. Our workshops is open to those who study Design or Crafts. We encourage you to think new, to work with experimental techniques and materials. Some workshops and rooms are open to all students at HDK-Valand, while others only have space for certain programme students or are individual study places.

Textile Art

If you want to work with textile material – we have a workshop for textile print, a fiber workshop and a color kitchen. We also have a darkroom for screen preparation, digital printing, mangle and steamer. We have large print tables where you can work with unique printed images and with reported patterns. The workshop provides small and large frames that work both for fabric and paper.

Jewellery Art

In the jewellery workshop, there are tools and machines adapted to work with metals on a small scale. You can work with techniques such as forging, soldering, grinding, enameling, etching, patination and casting. The workshop is popular, but students with specialisation in Jewellery Art have priority.


The ceramics workshops have everything you need to work with ceramics: kilns, glazing rooms, plaster workshops, potter's wheels and rolling tables. There is also a wide range of clays and raw materials as well as other equipment and tools related to the ceramic process. The ceramics workshop is also the workplace of students studying ceramic art on the Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

Students from other programmes can apply for access to the workshop for shorter periods and subject to availability.

3D Lab and model workshop

This workshop is equipped with an oven for industrial clay, band saw, pillar drill, several 3D printers, CNC milling machine, 3D scanner, vacuum former, laser cutter and hot wire cutter. The workshop is available to all students at HDK-Valand.

Wood and metal workshop

We have all the equipment for solid woodworking, a paint- and surface treatment room and a machine shop for interior and furniture carpentry. Our metal workshop is fully equipped with the tools you need. Here there are several machines for grinding, milling, bending and welding.

Workspaces for students in Design

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