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Photo: Natalie Greppi

Workshops and study environment on Vasagatan

In the buildings on Vasagatan, there are well-equipped workshops and technical equipment to borrow for those who are studying fins art, photography, and film. Here you will find a selection of our workshops and study environments. Some workshops and rooms are open to all students at HDK-Valand, while others only have space for certain program students or are individual study places.

Fine art

For those who study Fine art we have material workshops, studios and smaller individual study places. We have workshops for sculpture, construction and workshops within wood and metal.

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Construction workshop
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Sculpture workshop

Film and photo

For our students in film and photography, there are well-equipped studios for photography, film studio, video editing, photo lab and sound editing. We also have a fully equipped movie theater for movie screenings.

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Black box

Digital image and print

In our image workshop, we have professional equipment for digital image processing and large-format printing in the highest quality. We also have a bookbinding workshop.

Visual Arts and Sloyd

We have two well-equipped workshops, one for hard and one for soft materials. We also have spaces for creating visual art. These rooms are mainly for students who are studying teacher education in visual art and sloyd.

Equipment Checkout

For our students we have our Equipment Checkout, which is stacked with advanced technical equipment for large projects in film and photography. The resources are mainly for students within HDK-Valand's education programme in film, photography, and fine art.

All photos of Natalie Greppi, Maja-Kristin Nylander and Cora Hillebrand