University of Gothenburg
Setting the Table (2018) by Jason E. Bowman.
Installation shot from “Setting the Table” (2018) BALTIC 39 Project space organised by Jason E. Bowman as part of VR funded research project STRETCHED.
Photo: Kjell Caminha

Research area: Fine Art

Contemporary art, as a research subject area, comprises work across the spectrum of artistic and academic practices through to public service activities.

The research content centers upon a wide range of contemporary art practices and discourses including: artistic, practice-based and museum research; experimental public and social practices; artist-led culture; decolonial practices and debates; queer culture; art and technology; foodways and critical art practice; curating and the curatorial; contemporary art theory, criticism and publishing practices; urban theory and the neoliberal city; critical heritage practices; and questions of the political imaginary.

Methodologies used in developing and conducting research include artistic practice, applied research, archival work, historical, critical and theoretical research, and research conducted through exhibition-making, art commissioning and in the wider space of the curatorial.