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Doctoral Studies

At the Artistic Faculty, the two departments Academy of Music and Drama, and HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design, have doctoral education in both artistic research and in educational research within the art field. Totally seven research education subjects, and ca 50 doctoral students.

Applying for PhD Studies

It is only possible to apply for PhD studies at the Academy of Music and Drama (HSM) or HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design when an employment position as a doctoral researcher is publicly advertised.

Doctoral Education in Artistic Research

The Artistic Faculty at the University of Gothenburg initiated doctoral education in artistic practices with a first recruitment of PhD researcher in year 2000, and has over the past decades built up an environment where research and education can interact, an environment that allows both cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty research projects as well as projects strongly focused on artistic immersion. Doctoral students meet regularly in interdisciplinary artistic forums both within the departments and at faculty level, including the artistic research school that the two departments Academy of Music and Drama (HSM), and HDK-Valand – Academy of Art and Design run jointly.

Subjects within the Artistic Research:

Artistic practice (HDK-Valand)
Design (HDK-Valand)
Craft (HDK-Valand)
Musical Performance and Interpretation (
Academy of Music and Drama)
Performance Practices (
Academy of Music and Drama)

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Two Different Doctoral Awards

There are two different doctoral awards possible in Sweden in the artistic subjects – a general PhD syllabus in a given artistic subject; and a special “artistic PhD” syllabus in a given artistic subject. The purpose, meaning and salience of the distinctions between the two awards continues to be debated, contested and operated in different ways within the national research area. Typically, we address the distinction between the general and special PhD exam within the doctoral educational process itself, and require the doctoral researchers to make a final decision on the type of PhD award they seek – general or special –  shortly after being offered an employment as a PhD researcher and having then being fully briefed on the distinction.

Research Platforms

The Faculty has several research platforms in artistic subjects: the conference and publishing platform PARSE (Platform for Artistic Research) which organizes an international research conference every two years, and PLACE (Public Life, Arts & Critical Engagement) as well as Business & Design and L’International Online, and the long term partnership with Hasselblad foundation. These platforms serve as meeting places and resources for doctoral students and researchers with regular events, conferences and seminars.

Doctoral Education in Educational Research within the Artistic Field 

The Faculty initiated doctoral studies in Music Education with a first recruitments of PhD researchers in year 2001. Music Education studies all forms of music teaching, including the frameworks, conditions, traditions and terms governing the situations in which music constitutes the contents of the various processes of teaching and learning. There is a close collaboration with the doctoral studies in Music Education at Malmö School of Music, Lund University, which includes joint courses and seminars. 

The doctoral education in Research on Arts Education is directed towards both didactical as well as political, structural and institutional issues, mainly within the Swedish preschools, primary and secondary schools as well as in upper secondary school (gymnasium). The research topic focuses on the relationship between practice in media-specific subject areas such as visual arts, music, sloyd, dance, drama, theatre, but also media-neutral aesthetic activities within the different school forms. The subject was established in 2005, in connection of the start of the Research School CUL (Centre for Educational Sciences and Teacher Research) at the University of Gothenburg.

ERA - Educational Research in the Arts, is the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts' research platform with the aim of gathering and developing pedagogical education and research in the aesthetic school subjects and the arts, supporting teacher education and collaborating with the surrounding society.

Subjects within Ecucational Research:

Research on Arts Education (HDK-Valand and Academy of Music and Drama)
Music Education (
Academy of Music and Drama)

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