University of Gothenburg

National Graduate School in Visual Art and Sloyd Education

A person paints a colorful pattern with crayons on the blackboard

Welcome to a New National Graduate School for the Development of the subject fields Visual Arts and Sloyd

School classrooms, with new digital technologies, multimodal resources and practical skills are in deep need of didactic improvement concerning the questions of sustainable knowledge, forms of assessments, cultures of recognition as well as examinations in aesthetic and practical education and learning processes.

Empowerment of the area of virtual, visual and material culture in education requires collaboration between higher education departments with programs for teacher education. 

The orientation of the National Graduate School  in Visual Art and Sloyd Education is focused on producing:

  • licentiate students in the subjects Visual Art and Sloyd Education
  • new research in the subject fields
  • school research
  • a national network in the research area
  • empowerment of of virtual, visual and material culture.

The current situation in these minor school subjects is limited. Lack of research programs and doctoral positions means that these studies seldom can build an autonomous research environment with advisors which can support the subject’s specific inquiries, theories and methods.

Therefore a graduate school based on national collaboration strengthens an existing Nordic network, enhances the knowledge formation of post-graduate students and of senior researchers.