University of Gothenburg
Student fotograferar ett spel.
Photo: Natalie Greppi


Do you want to play an important role in the development of a sustainable society? The academic programmes at HDK-Valand unite critical thinking with artistic expertise.

A society in a constant state of motion is always confronting new and often complex needs and challenges. With development come new products, services, experiences, and systems that demand ethical as well as aesthetic thoughtfulness in their design. As a critical thinker and practicing designer, you can play a decisive role in the development of a sustainable society.

As a student of design, you frame your education around your own interests. Regardless of which area of design you choose to concentrate your studies in – such as visual communications, interior design, product design, performative utterance, or organisation – they all share a common core. Therefore the different fields of interest within the subject of design at HDK-Valand share a common instructional curriculum.

Practice and theory are interwoven in the curriculum. Work with the hand, the mind, and the site is fundamental in design. The introduction to workshop tools and methods is central to the programmes, always with a reflective and critical approach.

Design at HDK-Valand is a complete academic environment that also offers a doctoral programme. In addition to the regular degree programmes, the school also offers a number of freestanding courses in design.