Olle Sahlqvist i slips framför en röd vägg.
Olle Sahlqvist.
Photo: Maja Carltoft

Four alumni among the winners in 2023's Young Swedish Design Award


Axel Danhard, Jasmijn Kooijman, Olle Sahlqvist and Karin Bäckström. Together, they represent a great breadth, both of HDK-Valands educational programmes and what is included within the concept of design: ceramic art, film, textiles, and, of course, design.

AXEL DANHARD: Along New Tracks
Judges’ comments: Waste products and residues from building sites create glazes in a sober, refined colour scheme. With ancient artisan technique, timeless universal forms are combined with an urban, site-specific identity. The materialisation of a slow, reflective urban contemporary archaeology.
Axel Danhard was awarded the 2023 Röhsska Museum & Dynamo Väst scholarship.

Judges’ comments: This work manages to convey something difficult and important in a natural, communicative manner. It makes full use of the medium’s limitations and opportunities, and a strong narrative and artisanal/artistic skill make the technique of puppetry a character in the story.

OLLE SAHLQVIST: Biomimicry Furniture Design
Judges’ comments: Soon we’ll all grow our furniture at home, chairs and tables rising like bread out of nooks and crannies. As a fungus lives in symbiosis with a tree, here wooden frames and mycelia are combined. In a slow process, they could become furniture that reconnects us to one of Earth’s oldest organisms.
Olle Sahlqvist was awarded the 2023  Swedish Wood travel scholarship.

KARIN BÄCKSTRÖM: Seemingly ordinary 
Judges’ comments: Colourful forms in subtle shades where traditional fabrics like tablecloths, runners and towels are composed with skilful precision and care. Swedish home weaves made universal, reminding us of the connection beyond national borders. Recognition is broken when characters emerge in this new recasting.

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