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Besökare på Gothenburg Design Festival bekantar sig med konsthantverk.
Photo: Natalie Greppi


Do you want to investigate the possibilities in contemporary craft? The education in craft at HDK-Valand provides a comprehensive understanding of the contexts of craft making and the intersections between education, research and society.

All societies need reference points to be able to shape their future and orient themselves in the present. Craft, through its connection to people's needs and everyday life, is such a point of reference affirming its importance as dynamic contemporary artistic practice.

As a student in craft at HDK-Valand, you are given the opportunity to initiate and develop artistic projects, deepen your practical and theoretical knowledge through exploratory working methods, and broaden and deepen your critical and reflexive thinking.

Within the craft education, there are five specializations: Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art, Textile Art, Metal Art and Textile-Body-Space. The teaching is conducted in close collaboration between the specializations. As a student you develop your projects within your chosen specialization. You work closely with your fellow students and teaching staff, who are artists, researchers and specialists in their field. You have your own workplace close to the well-equipped subject-specific workshops.

Craft at HDK-Valand consists of a three-year bachelor's programme and a two-year master's programme. Both programmes include the specializations Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art, Textile Art, Metal Art and Textile-Body-Space (only master's programme). Students choose their specialization as part of the application process. In addition to the bachelors and masters programmes, Craft at HDK-Valand offers short freestanding courses and provides a supportive research environment for doctoral degree education.
Please note that the specializations Ceramic Art, Jewellery Art and Textile Art are based at HDK-Valand in Gothenburg, whereas Metal Art and Textile-Body-Space are based at HDK-Valand in Steneby.

Get to know teachers and students

Video (01:35)
Meet Heiner Zimmermann Professor of Arts and Crafts.
Video (01:10)
Meet Anne-Marie Dehon, student from the MFA programme in Ceramic Art
Video (01:23)
Meet Ruth Gillmour, Student from MFA Programme in Jewellery Art
Video (02:39)
Meet the teachers and student at the MFA Programme in Applied Arts and Design
Video (01:25)
Meet Karin Kent Grundberg, student from the BFA in Metal Art
Video (01:23)
Meet Mhari Fraser, student at the MFA Programme in Metal Art
Video (03:45)
Meet the students and teachers at the BFA Programme in Metal Art