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Publication database

CGM hosts a publication database with all scientific articles, books and book chapters published by researchers from various faculties and disciplines at the University of Gothenburg.

How we made the database

The links below direct you to a database in GUP (Gothenburg University Library) where we have gathered all migration- and integration related scientific articles, books, and book chapters, published by researchers at the University of Gothenburg.

The database has been created using a customized URL based on keywords and where irrelevant hits have been excluded.

The list is sorted by date with the most recent publications first. In the column on the right, you can further filter the hits by department/unit.

Due to technical limitations, it is not possible to use other filtering and sorting options without the irrelevant hits that have been excluded reappearing.

Our ambition is to, in collaboration with the university library, develop a more accurate database with more filtering and sorting options.