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CGM has its own seminar serie. The idea of these seminars is to present current research on migration and integration and to show the interdisciplinary breadth of the field. We also co-arrange seminars with other research groups, departments and individual researchers.


Language Learning as a site for power and control: Lived Experiences of Agency and Structure in the Case of Adult Migrant Language Learners in Sweden

Samah Ibrahim, doctoral student at the Department of Swedish, multilingualism, language technology, University of Gothenburg.

Reconstituting imagined communities of whiteness through racial banishment. The would-be deportation centre Lindholm and the “ghetto law” in Denmark

Erling Björgvinsson, Professor of Design at HDK-Valand, Gothenburg University.

Religion, diversity, and secularities-in-practice. Accommodating Muslim pupils and preserving Danish identity in multi-ethnic Danish schools

Dr Laura Gilliam, Associate Professor, Aarhus University in Denmark. Co- organized with MERGU, the Migration and Ethnicity Research Group, and SOCAV, the Department of Sociology and Work Science.

International students, forced migrants, and legal liminality in the de facto state of Northern Cyprus

Athanasia Hadjigeorgiou, University of Central Lancaster Cyprus and Bart Klem, University of Gothenburg. Co- organized with the Human Rights seminar series, School of Global Studies.

Migration, Development, and the Environment: theory and some multi-level evidence from the MIGNEX project.

Open lecture with Mathias Czaika, Professor in Migration and Integration at Danube university.

Aesthetic Resistance to Victimhood: Syrian Female Refugees' Narratives of Displacement through Art and New Technology

Yafa Shanneik, Visiting professor, Lunds university. Co-arranged with Peace & Development seminar, School of Global studies. 


SYMPOSIUM: Liminality and the Lived Experience of the Law in Medicine: The Legal Consciousness of Physicians in Encounters with People Living as Undocumented Migrants

Josephine T. V. Greenbrook,  Lecturer, Researcher, and Chair of the Platform for Migration, Health, and Human Rights at the Department of Life Context and Health Promotion, Institute of Health and Care Sciences, Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg; and Deputy Director of the Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law, School of Law, University of Edinburgh.

Symbolic violence and (de)colonized approach in humanitarian care of gender-specific trauma among refugee/migrant women 

Nena Močnik, Postdoctoral Fellow, University Pompeu Fabra (co-organized with the Centre for European Research, GU)

European responses to forced displacement from Ukraine: Where do we go from here?

Eleni Karageorgiou, Postdoc, Faculty of Law, Lund University

Constructing the “Good Citizen” Discourses of Social Inclusion in Swedish Civic Orientation

Simon Bauer, Doctoral Student Department of Swedish, multilingualism, language technology

Contemporary Narratives of Migration: Seeking New Directions

Lena Englund, Senior Researcher School of Humanities, Finnish Language and Cultural Research, University of East Finland

TikTok and the Voice of Ukrainian Refugees

Dr. Noam Tirosh, lecturer at the Department of Communication Studies at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

The elusive triple win: Addressing temporary labour migration dilemmas through fair representation

Rainer Bauböck, Professor, Global Governance Program, European University Institute.

Illiberalism, migration policies and the politics of de-development in Europe. A profile of late capitalism

Ioana Vrabiescu, Assistant Professor at Department of Organization Sciences at the VU University Amsterdam.

Biking to work and listening to worship songs – religious and social support for refugees from Ukraine in Värmland. 

Katarina Plank, universitetslektor i religionsvetenskap, Karlstad University; Daniel Enstedt, universitetslektor, Institutionen för litteratur, idéhistoria och religion, Göteborgs universitet.

Settling in uncertainty and risk: Polish responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine

Paula Pustulka, Associate Professor, Head of Youth Research Center, SWPS University Warsaw and Irma Budginaité-Mackiné, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Philosophy, Vilnius University.

Temporal bordering and its undoing: chronoscopy & resistance in an era of externalisation

Loren B Landau, Professor of Migration and Development at the University of Oxford, Research Professor at the University of the Witwatersrand’s African Centre for Migration & Society, and co-director of the Wits-Oxford Mobility Governance Lab (MGL).

'Fraid Fraid' Cowards and the Beloved: Representations of Jamaicans in the Diaspora

Dr. Aieka Yasheva Smith, The University of the West Indies, Jamaica.


Local Migration Policy- Governance Structures and Policy Output in Swedish Municipalities. 

Jon Nyhlén, universitetslektor, Statsvetenskap, Stockholms universitet. 

Welcome to Your New Job! Swedish Municipalities, Refugee Reception and Integration: A Case-Based Learning Course for Public Administration Students. 

Gregg Bucken-Knapp, professor, Förvaltningshögskolan, Göteborgs universitet. 

Systems of Selection: Designing Refugees in Canada and Sweden 1960’s-1990’s 

Andreas Lundstedt, doktorand, Förvaltningshögskolan, Göteborgs universitet. 

Climate Change and Human Mobility 

Fanny Thornton, Adjunct Associate Professor in Law at the University of Canberra, Australia and leader of the B-EPICC project at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany. 

What is Home? Syrian Refugees and the Search for Belonging:  

Wendy Pearlman, professor, Department of Political Science, Northwestern University. 

Laughable borders: On the humorous in migration studies. 

Anja Franck, universitetslektor, Institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Exile in the aftermath of violence: can therapy become a form of resistance?  

Mayssa Rekhiss, universitetsadjunkt, Avdelningen för samhällsmedicin och folkhälsa, Sahlgrenska Akademin; läkare och medlem av International Network of Researchers Working with Extreme Violence (RICEVE), och styrelseledamot i European Network for Psychological Anthropology (ENPA). 

Navigating the legal liminalities of an unrecognized state: Migrant precarity and placeholder identity papers in Northern Cyprus. 

Emmanuel Achiri, Human Rights Advocate and PhD Candidate at the Eastern Mediterranean University, in Northern Cyprus; Bart Klem, universitetslektor, Institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Social investment in times of large-scale migration: Cure or source for the migrant poverty gap?  

Lutz Gschwind, forskare, statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Uppsala universitet.


Hybridity and Hegemony: The Integration of Portuguese Migrants in Luanda and Maputo. 

Lisa Åkesson, Professor, Institutionen för Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Book presentation seminar: Hybrid Political Order and the Politics of Uncertainty -Refugee Governance in Lebanon  

Nora Stel, Assistant Professor in Conflict Studies, Radboud University Nijmegen. 

Anvisning och etablering: om mottagande enligt 2016 års bosättningslag 

Tobias Jansson, Doktorand, Institutionen för socialt arbete, Göteborgs universitet. 

Citizenship as status, habitus and acts: Language requirements and civic orientation in Sweden. 

Andrea Spehar, universitetslektor, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen och föreståndare för CGM, Göteborgs universitet; Tommaso Milani, professor, Institutionen för svenska, flerspråkighet och Språkteknologi, Göteborgs universitet; Kerstin von Brömssen, professor, Avdelningen för utbildningsvetenskap och språk. Högskolan i Väst. 

Simon Bauer, doktorand, Institutionen för svenska, flerspråkighet och Språkteknologi, Göteborgs universitet. 

Book Presentation: Baltic Hospitality from the Middle Ages to the Twentieth Century: Receiving Migrants in Northeastern Europe. 

Wojtek Jezierski, universitetslektor, Historiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet; Sari Nauman, forskare, Institutionen för historiska studier, Göteborgs universitet; Christina Reimann, postdoktor, Institutionen för historiska studier, Göteborgs universitet; Leif Runefelt, professor, Institutionen för historia och samtidsstudier, Södertörns högskola. 

Life history research and visual storytelling: experimenting with new forms of knowledge creation. 

Cindy Horst, Research Professor, Peace Research Institute Oslo - PRIO. 

A Modern Migration Theory: An Alternative Economic Approach to Failed EU Policy. 

Peo Hansen, professor, Institutet för forskning om migration, etnicitet och samhälle - REMESO Linköping universitet. 

Contextual effects on educational-occupational mismatch by gender and immigration status: A cross-country comparative study in Europe

Debora Pricila Birgier, postdoktor, Avdelningen för ekonomisk historia, Göteborgs universitet. 


Sexual Integration? Teaching “Danish sexual morals” to asylum seekers.  

Kristine Köhler Mortensen, Postdoktor, Institutionen för svenska språket, Göteborgs universitet  

Four frames for (mis)understanding Brexit: three red herrings and a white whale. 

Steve Garner, Senior Research Fellow, Cardiff University, Cardiff School of Social Sciences. 

Integrationsfrämjande genom dialog: att leda gruppsamtal.  

Thomas Jordan, universitetslektor, Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet. 

Middle East, Islam and Women, Israeli-Palestinian conflict. With migration focus  

Rola Abu Zeid - O'Neill, Doktorand, Department of Sociology, University College Cork (UCC).  

Co-creating caring relationships among Central European-born children and youth within social arenas related to education and worship. 

Charlotte Melander, Universitetslektor, Institutionen för socialt arbete, Göteborgs universitet. 

Oksana Shmulyar Gréen, Universitetslektor, Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet; Ingrid Höjer, Professor, Institutionen för socialt arbete, Göteborgs universitet. 

In search of European asylum solidarity post-2015: The interplay between the internal and external dimensions of EU asylum policy.  

Eleni Karageorgiou, Dr., Ragnar Söderberg, Postdoktor, Juridiska institutionen, Lunds universitet.  

Book Presentation Seminar: The Institutions and Organizations of Refugee Integration: Voices of Bosnian-Herzegovinian and Syrian Refugees, and Lessons from their First Years in Sweden  

Gregg Bucken-Knapp, professor, Förvaltningshögskolan, Göteborgs universitet; Vedran Omanovic, universitetslektor, Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet; Andrea Spehar, universitetslektor, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen och föreståndare för CGM.


Bricolage as conceptual tool for understanding access to healthcare in superdiverse populations. 

Jenny Phillimore, Professor, Department of Social Policy, Sociology and Criminology, University of Birmingham.   

I samarbete med MERGU - Forskningsnätverk om Migration och Etnicitet, Göteborgs universitet. 

Legal Consciousness and Physicians’ Rejection of Law in Their Role as Gatekeepers to Undocumented Migrants’ Right to Healthcare Access.  

Josephine Greenbrook, Universitetsadjunkt, Livssammanhang och hälsofrämjande vård, Sahlgrenska Akademin, Göteborgs universitet and the Mason Institute for Medicine, Life Sciences and the Law, University of Edinburgh. 

Why does a 1.5C warming goal matter to migration?  

Deliang Chen, Professor, August Röhss Chair, Department of Earth Sciences, Göteborgs universitet. 

A mobile ethnography of things via public art intervention: the case of migratory cardboard waste in Hong Kong.  

Tintin Wulia, Forskare, Enheten för konsthantverk och fri konst, HDK-Valand – Högskolan för konst och design.  

Understanding the impact of migration on societies of origin.  

Anne White, Professor, School of Slavonic and East European Studies (SSEES), University College London. 

I samarbete med MERGU - Forskningsnätverk om Migration och Etnicitet, Göteborgs universitet. 

Governing the Deportation Limbo: Detention and exclusion of rejected asylum seekers in Denmark and Sweden. 

Annika Lindberg, Postdoktor, Institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Putting oneself in the other’s shoes: Trust and difference in the relationship between civil servants and residents in a socioeconomically marginalised area

Stina Hansson, doctorand, Institutionen för globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Asylum and Refugee Law in the USA – what is happening nationally and at the Texas/Mexico border? 

Barbara Hines and Denise Gilman Immigration Clinic, University of Texas at Austin and Gregor Noll (commentator), Professor, Juridiska institutionen, Göteborgs Universitet

From the Vanishing of Sameness to the Revival of Whiteness.  

Nacira Guénif-Souilamas, Professor, University Paris 8 Vincennes - Saint-Denis. 

Conceptions and Narratives of Assimilation in Diasporic Contexts.  

Barzoo Eliassi, docent, Institutionen för socialt arbete, Linnéuniversitetet 

The "Right" Kind of Queer. Racialised Grids of Intelligibility in the Context of Swedish Gender Exceptionalism. 

Katharina Kehl, Dr., Genusvetenskapliga institutionen, Linköpings universitet.  

Closing the Gaps: An Analysis of Nordic Countries' Responses to Children Seeking Asylum. 

Bina D'Costa, Specialist, UNICEF. 


Refugees, States and the Politics of Uncertainty - How Lebanon governs its Informal Syrian and Palestinian Settlements.  

Nora Stel, Assistant Professor in Governance and Human Rights, Maastricht School of Management; Associated Researcher, Centre for Conflict Studies, Utrecht University; Affiliated Scholar, Issam Fares Institute, American University of Beirut. 

I samarbete med Freds- och utvecklingsforskning, Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Negotiating Distance after Migration - Sending and Carrying Things Across Borders.  

Kathy Burrell, Dr., Department of Geography and Planning, University of Liverpool. 

Global Migration Seminar: Project Application Seminar  

Inför ansökan till Vetenskapsrådets Bidrag till forskningsmiljö Migration och integration. 

Exile as Context, Exile as a Methodological Tool for Understanding Circulation of Knowledge. 

Karolina Enquist Källgren, Institutionen för litteratur, idéhistoria och religion, Göteborgs universitet. 

Bordering Practices - Accidental crackdowns and humanitarian border work.

Polly Pallister-Wilkins, Department of Politics, Political geographer and Associate professor, University of Amsterdam; Darshan Vigneswaran, Co-Director of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam; Evie Papada, Researcher, Department of Geography, Loughborough University 

Antonis Vradis, Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow and Lecturer, Department of Geography, Loughborough University; Anja K. Franck, Docent, Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Life-boats and Narratives about Women’s Lives Across Borders.  

Ann-Dorte Christensen, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies, Aalborg University; Marit Benthe Norheim, Visual artist, Norway/Denmark. 

The Politics of Return - Exploring the Future of Syrian Refugees in a Question of Repatriation. 

Ahmet Ìçduygu, Dr. Professor, Director of Migration Research Centre (MiReKoc), Department of International Relations, Koç University, Turkey and member of CGM Scientific Advisory board.    

Between East Coast and West Bank: Second-generation Palestinian-Americans find their space. 

Thomas Brocket, doctorand, University College London. 

I samarbete med Globala Studier, Göteborgs universitet.  

Multinational Maids: Stepwise Migration in a Global Labour Market.  

Anju Mary Paul, Associate Professor of Sociology and Public Policy, Yale-NUS College, Singapore. 

Translating Policies into Practice - Organising Labour Market Integration of Foreign-born Persons in the Gothenburg Metropolitan Area. 

Andreas Diedrich, Universitetslektor, Företagsekonomiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet. 

Labour Migration and Industrial Relations. 

Sandra Engelbrecht, Doctoral Programme in Governance, Hertie School of Governance, Berlin. 

Justice on the Move: Evaluating Migration Governance in the European Space.  

Sonia Lucarelli, Associate Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna. 

I samarbete med CERGU - Centrum för Europaforskning, Göteborgs universitet 

Nationalism, Populism, and Radical Right Politics in Europe (and Beyond)

Jens Rydgren, Professor, Sociologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet. 

I samarbete med Statsvetenskapliga institutionen och Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet. 

Ontological security and the Metamorphosis of the Beast: the EU and Migration.  

Sonia Lucarelli, Associate Professor, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna. 

I samarbete med CERGU - Centrum för Europaforskning, Göteborgs universitet. 

After Deportation - The Case of Afghan Deportees.  

Shahram Khosravi, Professor, Socialantropologi, Stockholms universitet. 

I samarbete med MERGU - Forskningsnätverk om Migration och Etnicitet, Göteborgs universitet. 

The ’Infected Border’: comparative notes across the north Atlantic.  

Ruben Andersson, Associate Professor of Migration and Development, University of Oxford. 

Unaccompanied Children - spending your youth waiting in uncertainty.  

Live Stretmo, Universitetslektor, Institutionen för pedagogik, kommunikation och lärande Göteborgs universitet.  

Migration PhD:s seminar for GU Doctoral Candidates in Migration and Integration Research. 

Första möte för att skapa tvärvetenskapligt doktorandnätverk inom migrations- och integrationsforskning vid Göteborgs Universitet. 

Dialogue Workshop on Migration Related Practice for GU Doctoral Candidates in Migration and Integration Research.  

Career trajectories and professional identities of highly educated female migrants.  

Maja Cederberg, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Oxford Brookes University. 

Fixed Lines, Permanent Transitions  

Andrew Canessa, Professor, Department of Socioogu, University of Essex. 

I samarbete med Socialantropologi vid Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet.  

Knowing Who You Are - Ethnic Identity among Young People in Contemporary Sweden

Ylva Svensson, Dr., Psykologiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet och Institutionen för individ och samhälle, Högskolan Väst; Fanny Gyberg, universitetslektor, Psykologiska institutionen, Göteborgs universitet.  

The right to Education for Refugees in Sub-Saharan Africa: Focus on Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and South Africa

Alebachew Kemisso, Dr., Centre for Comparative Education and Policy Studies, Addis Ababa University. Discussant: Helena Lindholm, Professor, Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet.  

Asylum seekers in Sweden - Lessons from a survey panel. 

Peter Esaiasson, Professor, Statsvetenskapliga institutionen, Göteborgs universitet. 


The public, the private, and guestworkers in the United States - Examining dynamics of control

Joseph Andersson, Doktorand, globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

North-South migration and postcolonial encounters: Portuguese migrants in Angola.  

Lisa Åkesson, universitetslektor, globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Migration Studies - where next?  

Bridget Anderson, Professor and Research Director of the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society, University of Oxford. 

Go Home? The performance politics of UK immigration control. 

Yasmin Gunaratnam, Dr., Goldsmiths College, London. 

Everyday work or a specific assignment? Multi-agency collaboration in immigrant integration in Finland from the perspective of the police

Sari Vanhanen, Doktorand, University of Jyväskylä. 

I samarbete med Institutionen för sociologi och arbetsvetenskap, Göteborgs universitet.  

Presentation of the Migration Studies Delegation, Delmi. 

Henrik Malm Lindberg, universitetslektor, Delegation Secretary, Delmi- Delegationen för migrationsstudier. 

The Minclusion Project - Research and development of mobile applications for Arabic migrants in Sweden. 

Khaled Al-Sabbagh, Doktorand, Interaktionsdesign och Software Engineering, Chalmers tekniska högskola; Lorna Bartram, projektassistent, Chalmers tekniska högskola; Linda Bradley, Associate professor, Chalmers tekniska högskola; Nataliya Berbyuk Lindström Universitetslektor, Inst tillämpad IT, avd för informatik, Göteborgs universitet; Sylvana Sofkova Hashemi, Universitetslektor, Institutionen för pedagogik, kommunikation och lärande Göteborgs universitet. 

Post-World War II Migrations in Finland - From an Emigration to and Immigration Country. 

Tuomas Martikainen, Dr., Director of Migration Institute of Finland.  

Human Rights Seminar: The Need of a Comprehensive Legal Framework for Human Rights Protection of the Climate Change Displaced People (CDP)- Bangladesh Perspective  

Md Abdul Awal Khan, Associate Professor, Department of Law, Eastern University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  

Global Migration Seminar: Project Application Seminar 

Inför ansökan till Vetenskapsrådets Bidrag till forskningsmiljö Migration och integration. 

Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the US - Can a Dream Come True?  

Jesus Velasco, Professor, Tarleton State University. 

I samarbete med Freds- och utvecklingsforskning, Globala studier, Göteborgs universitet. 

Governing the deportation limbo: The selective control of rejected asylum seekers in Denmark and Sweden.  

Annika Lindberg, Doktorand, Institute of Sociology, University of Bern.  

Transit Migrants of South East Asia and their access to higher education – OUR 

Gül Inanç, Dr. School of Art, Design and Media, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. 

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