University of Gothenburg

The Swedish Migration Agency

In Sweden the Migration Agency is the authority that examines applications from people who want to settle in Sweden, come to visit, who are seeking protection from persecution or have Swedish citizenship.

Center for Learning and Capacity Building at the Migration Board's HR department

The CGMs partner is the Center for Learning and Capacity Building at the Migration Board's HR department. The main task of Center for Learning and Capacity Building is to create conditions so that all employees at the Migration Agency have the opportunity to develop the skills needed to fulfill their mission in the best possible way.

The competence center operates, among other things, the Migration Academy, which provides the activities and methods that the Migration Agency offers in terms of competence development.

Understanding Asylum

With the support of the EU's AMIF Fund, experts from Gothenburg and Lund University, together with the Swedish Migration Agency, will develop two training programs aimed at operational personnel.

Within the project, approximately 300 case officers and decision makers will be trained in evaluating oral statements and assessing future risk. The goal is that the participants, after completing this education, will perform with significantly better quality their asylum investigations and decisions.

European Union Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund

The Migration Board promotes the possibilities of migration by running a project co-financed by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

AMIF's support will improve the reception capacity and asylum system in Sweden through, for example, development of interaction models between different actors, better support for vulnerable groups, systematic follow-up, evaluation and research or the development of new methods and working practices for resettlement management.

One of these projects run by the Swedish Migration Board is 'Asylum Rights' Core' (Understanding Asylum). The aim of the project is to raise the quality of asylum rights' core questions; assessment of the applicant's oral statement and assessment of the applicant's future risk upon returning.

After the end of the project, the Swedish Migration Board intends to implement the training programs as a regular activity. In the long term, the measure will increase the skills of staff and thus improve the situation of the applicant

Of importance to the project is that the aims and objectives spread to other EU Member States and help to develop the EU's common asylum system. An international reference group is therefore linked to the project to facilitate this task.