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About us

Center on Global Migration (CGM) is an interdisciplinary research centre which gathers and coordinates research about migration within several subject areas, including anthropology, medicine, psychology, political science, religious studies, history, education, law, economics and sociology.

As a centre of expertise and research it serves as a hub for collaboration or interaction and organizes seminars on migration and integration. CGM aims to be a platform for migration research and a contact surface between researchers and actors in the private and public sectors, as well as civil society. Global migration is an important aspect of today’s world, and affects society and individuals in many ways. It has important impacts on demographic structures, labour markets and international relations, and it also affects issues related to people’s identity and sense of belonging.

CGM aims to:   

1. Provide opportunities for dialogue and long-term collaboration between researchers, decision makers and external actors.
2. Organize international research conferences, workshops and seminars on migration.
3. Organize opportunities for interaction with migrants in the Gothenburg region.
4. Formulate and produce new directions for research on common themes in relation to global migration.
5. Develop interdisciplinary research clusters.
6. Initiate, support and coordinate applications to national and international research funds.
7. Provide seed grants for interdisciplinary research applications.

 CGM is a member of IMISCOE, the largest European research network on migration, which among other things gives access to international networks and research collaborations. 

What does CGM do?

CGM is a platform for migration research at the University of Gothenburg, and a link between research and actors in the private and public sectors, as well as civil society. In order to create these meeting spaces, CGM organizes seminars, workshops and conferences. You can find our current activities in our Calendar.

CGM also facilitates interdisciplinary research on migration and promotes the migration research that is carried out at the University of Gothenburg. For more information on current research projects and publications, see Research.


Global Migration Seminars

CGM's own seminar series, the Global Migration seminars, are held every third Wednesday at the School of Global Studies, between 9:15 to 11:00. Before the seminars we invite you for breakfast, from 8:30.

At the seminars, current research on migration and integration is presented through different academic viewpoints, to showcase the cross-disciplinary width within the field. The seminars are also a platform for knowledge sharing and cooperation both between researchers from different disciplines and between researchers and practitioners.

For more information on upcoming Global Migration seminars, and our other activities, see our calendar. Information on our previous seminars, workshops and conferences is available in this page.