University of Gothenburg

West Sweden Chamber of Commerce

The West Sweden Chamber of Commerce is a private, politically neutral organisation working to strengthen the region's business community.

About Us

My name is Gunilla Grahn-Hinnfors, and I am responsible for urban development issues at the West Swedish Chamber of Commerce, which  is a politically unaffiliated membership organization for the West Swedish business community.

The Chamber of Commerce was founded in 1661 and currently has about 2900 companies as members. We are basically doing the same thing now as then: influencing decision makers and making our member companies stronger through networking, training and meetings.

Within our advocacy work, we prioritize issues such as infrastructure, urban development, skills supply, industrial policy and business climate.

With regard to urban development and skills supply, there is much that is in tangent with the activities of the Centre on Global Migration. The housing shortage in Gothenburg and in several western Swedish cities is a serious obstacle to recruiting both Swedish and foreign labor. We are working to increase building construction and for cities where social sustainability is a fundamental factor.

Move to Gothenburg

In order to make it easier for immigrant workers and their accompanying families, we have a project together with the public sector and industry. It is called "Move to Gothenburg: Your guide to moving to, living, working and studying in Gothenburg and West Sweden". It's about influencing policies, offering networks and providing concrete advice on everyday life in Gothenburg.